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Parasites and their Freshwater Fish Host

FO Iyaji
JE Eyo


This study reviews the effects of parasites of fresh water fish hosts. Like other living organisms, fish harbour parasites either external or internal which cause a host of pathological debilities in them. The parasites live in close obligate association and derive benefits such as nutrition at the host\'s expense, usually without killing the host. They utililize energy otherwise available for the hosts growth, sustenance, development, establishment and reproduction and as such may harm their hosts in a number of ways and affect fish production. The common parasites of fishes include the unicellular microparasites (viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoans). The protozoans i.e. microsporidians and mixozoans are considered in this review. The multicellular macroparasites mainly comprised of the helminthes and arthropods are also highlighted. The effects of parasites on their fish hosts maybe exacerbated by different pollutants including heavy metals and hydrocarbons, organic enrichment of sediments by domestic sewage and others such as parasite life cycles and fish population size.

Keywords: Parasites, Helminths, Protozoans, Microparasites, Macroparasites, Debilities, Freshwater fish

Bio-Research Vol. 6 (1) 2008: pp. 328-338

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eISSN: 2705-3822
print ISSN: 1596-7409