Ectopic breast tissue mimicking Bartholin’s Abscess: a case report

  • Solaja OT
  • Nwadioku JI
  • Okebalama VC
  • Imaralu JO
  • Ehioghae O
Keywords: Ectopic breast tissue, Bartholin’s abscess, Vulva


Background: Ectopic breast tissue (EBT) is an uncommon occurrence in which the breast tissue can be found at any point along the milk line. Although it is most commonly found on the axilla, it can also present on the thighs, perineum, vulva, inframammary region, and groin. EBT mimicking a Bartholin’s abscess is extremely rare.

Case presentation: Here, we report the case of a 31-year-old nulliparous woman who presented to our gynecology clinic with a complaint of right-sided vulvar swelling. An initial diagnosis of Bartholin’s abscess was made after clinical examination. This was surgically removed using marsupialization. However, following histopathological & immuno-histochemical evaluation, a confirmatory diagnosis of ectopic breast tissue was made. 

Conclusion: Indeed, our case re-emphasizes the absolute need for histopathological examination of every tumor notwithstanding the nature of the presentation, site of occurrence, and/or initial diagnosis. Furthermore, although rare, EBT should be considered an important differential in tumors of the vulva.


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eISSN: 2756-4657
print ISSN: 2465-6666