Drama/Theatre in Education and Theatre as an Academic Discipline: A Question of Nomenclature, Techniques and Effects

  • JA Idogho


There has been ambiguity surrounding the nature and meaning of drama as a concept and as a discipline in institutions of higher learning. Similar ambiguities also surround the nature, meaning and functions of drama as an educational tool. Scholars, literate and non-literate alike can hardly differentiate between drama and theatre; relationship between drama/theatre as a discipline and drama as tool for learning; the relevance of Theatre Arts as an academic discipline in our society and the place of educational drama in nurturing individual potentials among youngsters. It is against the backdrop of these ambiguities that this paper set out to consolidate related terms and concepts into one clear and concise definition. To eliminate ambiguities and inconsistencies that currently exists in the literature. It further clarifies differences between the art of drama, theatre and the pedagogy of drama / theatre

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print ISSN: 2006-6910