Nigeria and the enigma of policy implementation

  • OG Nnajiofor
  • CS Ifeakor
  • S Mgbemena


Over the years in Nigeria, numerous brilliant policies have been formulated, but the paradox is that only a negligible part of these numerous policies are implemented. To this end there is no apparent and significant development to show for this. This suggests that mere formulation of policies should become not the major issue in Nigeria but rather their effective implementation, as it is only effectively implemented policies that can bring about national development. Against this background, this study undertakes to unearth the reasons that militate against effective implementation of policies in Nigeria and the solutions to this perennial problem. Corruption, lack of continuity in government policies, inadequate human and material resources, poor leadership programme, sectionalism and ethnic biases and lack of political will/ attitude to policy implementation are the paradoxes of policy implementations. The study shows that until policies are implemented, development of our nation will be unattainable. This calls for a change of attitude on the part of policy implementers and the target beneficiary of public policy.


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 2006-6910