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National integration and social stability – the imperative of English language

JC Njimezi, NG Egonu


In a multi-lingual and multi-ethnicity society, integration and social stability are pivotal issues. Given the socio-linguistic, cultural, religious, political and economic nature of the Nigerian nation-state, sociological issues bordering on national integration and social stability cannot but arise. However, the question emanating from these social factors is: what is the imperative for experiencing sustainable integration, development and fulfillment in a nation-state like Nigeria where such social factors abound? This paper therefore examines the imperative of English Language in achieving social stability, while acting as agent of socio-linguistic justice and an integrative force on the various ethnic nationalities and a veritable utility tool for sustaining the same national integration and social stability.

Key Words: National Integration, Social Stability, English Language, Multi- Lingual Society, Multi-Ethnic Society, Nigerian Nation-State.

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