Literature in indigenous languages as essential tool for child development and nation building: the case of Igbo.

  • NM Obi


The study sets out to examine the policy of implementing literature in indigenous languages such as Igbo as a core subject of its own in primary schools in Nigeria for nation building. The problem of indiscipline among the youths is becoming unbearable in our society. This therefore motivated the researcher into finding out how to control this high level indiscipline prevalent in our society. Presently, adequate attentions are not given to the teaching of literature in indigenous languages in primary schools. During its period in the time-table, the teachers usually see it as a time to do “other important things”. The thrust of the study is therefore an effort to curb youths’ indiscipline, using literature in Igbo Language as a subject, as a veritable instrument in primary schools. As a matter of fact, primary education is the bases of all the other levels. There is the need for a solid foundation to be laid in the lives of children in their primary school age. This paper is therefore asserting that literature in Igbo language, which is the mothertongue, will play a vital role in laying such solid foundation which will help the children to become reasonable and responsible human beings that care for others. This will in future lead to nation building. There is the need for urgent orientation for primary school teachers who fail to attach importance to the teaching of literature in indigenous languages as Igbo. The many functions of literature as studied in school, reveal that its adequate teaching and learning right from primary level of education will have positive influence in the lives of the children. It will inculcate in them good mind-set, good behaviour and right moral values.


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print ISSN: 2006-6910