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Bridging peace between herders and farmers in Nigeria. A study of Borderline on Radio Nigeria, Enugu

Stella Uchenna Nwofor


In the past decade, Nigeria; a nation state with a population of about one hundred and sixty million people and over two hundred and fifty ethno-linguistic, socio-cultural and religious groups, had suffered pervasive violent crises with devastating impacts on the peaceful co-existence of its citizens. These crises which were either fuelled by seemingly incompatible interests and values or mere hostilities, had resulted to major outcomes such as premature deaths, gruesome casualties and general stagnation in the socioeconomic growth of the communities affected and the nation at large. Several reconciliatory measures and mediation processes have been applied by the Nigerian government, as well as the international community but the results are yet not impressive. This paper presents drama as an interventionist tool for conflict resolution and social reconstruction. Using qualitative methodology, the selected radio drama attempts using a dramatic approach to expose the various perspectives to the prevalent issues of conflicts between herders and farmers in Nigeria; and calls for a peaceful co-existence amongst the ethnic groups, hence, advocating for dialogue and negotiations rather than violence and aggression as effective ways of achieving lasting peace in the nation.

Keywords: Conflict, Drama, Nigeria, peace, Radio

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