Restitution and return of looted royal heritage: the role of Ghanaian chiefs and queens in sustaining heritage traditions

  • Mamaga Ametor Hoebuadzu II
  • Togbe Opeku VI
Keywords: African chiefs and queens, custodians of indigenous cultures and traditions, restitution


In interrogating this discourse on the restitution and return of looted royal objects, our
role and input in this conversation as traditional leaders in Ghanaian communities are
inevitable. This is in the light of the fact that the source of most of these looted royal
art objects unlawfully placed in German and some European museums are from the
Volta Basin area of Ghana, formerly part of German Togoland. We argue that factoring
in the views of chiefs and queens, being traditional leaders of communities in
Africa, provides a better understanding of the origin and contexts of the use of most
of these pirated cultural objects highlighted in the restitution and repatriation debates.

Author Biographies

Mamaga Ametor Hoebuadzu II

Mamaga Ametor Hoebuadzu II ( is Paramount Queen of Alavanyo Traditional Area, and founder of Volta Young Queens Club. Mamaga was installed on 15th January, 2006 at Alavanyo Kpeme as the Paramount Queen of Alavanyo Traditional Area. Known in private life as Barbara Peace Atiboly, She is a product of Peki Secondary School, Kpando Technical Institute and Pan-African Institute of Management. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Banking and Finance from Kings University College, Accra. Besides pursuing short courses in Kenya (Gender and Development) and India Bhubaneswar, Odisha (Working Capital Management), Mamaga has an MPhil degree in Leadership and Certificate in International Relationship and Diplomacy from GIMPA, Ghana.

Togbe Opeku VI

Togbe Opeku VI ( has been the Chief of Kpando-Agbenohoe for the past sixteen years. He is also the Chief overseeing the Paramount Chief Palace of Kpando until a substantive Dagadu is enstooled. He is known in private life as Kenneth Affor. He is a product of the College of Accountancy, Kpando. Until his retirement from the Public Service of Ghana, he was Assistant Manager of the Social Security and National Insurance
Trust. Togbui is well versed in chieftaincy and heritage issues in Kpando, the Volta Region and in Ghana as a whole.


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print ISSN: 2343-6530