Author Guidelines

The Contemporary Journal of African Studies (CJAS) began its life as the Research Review in 1969, and was re-branded as the CJAS in 2012.  CJAS is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal published twice a year. The Editorial Committee welcomes scholarly articles that set forth the findings of new research in any branch of African Studies, or papers that discuss and re-evaluate earlier research by others, or a combination of these approaches. The submission should be accompanied by: a) a brief biographical note giving the author’s name in the form it should appear in print, her or his current academic or professional position and fields of research interest b) a statement that the article has not been previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere.

The Editorial Committee also welcomes short reports on research in progress, brief research notes and book reviews. To qualify for consideration, submissions must meet the scholarship standards within their discipline. Submissions accepted for consideration will be evaluated by at least two external reviewers.

To submit an article, please go to


Please follow these guidelines closely when preparing your paper for submission.

- All contributions must be submitted in English, typed double-spaced for A4 page size in electronic format

- Articles should not exceed 10,000 words in length double -spaced (including end notes and references), and should include an abstract of up to 300 words in both English and French.

- The first page of an article for the CJAS should contain the title but not the author’s name. The article should have a separate title page including the title and the author’s name with full contact information including mailing address, phone numbers and email address.

- Submissions should use APA style, including a complete list of references.  Footnotes may be used where necessary to provide further edification.   

- Illustrative quotations less than two lines long should be within double quotation marks (“…”) and not separated from the text. Longer quotations may be set out and indented on both sides, without quotation marks. The source reference should come immediately after the quotation or in the sentence immediately before it.

- Figures and diagrams should be drawn in black ink on white background and require little or no reduction in size. Illustrations should also be submitted electronically. Colour can only be used in exceptional circumstances.

- Words or short passages in languages other than English may be included, but if you use a non-standard font with your word processor a copy of the font should also be included in your electronic submission. Doulos SIL is preferred for African language material. Words in any language other than English should be italicised.

- Only articles and papers that have not been published elsewhere or that are not currently under consideration for publication in another journal or book will be accepted.

- CJAS checks for plagiarism.  Any submission found to have been plagiarized, including self-plagiarism, either in whole or in part, will be rejected. 

- Avoid or minimize self-citation. Where it is necessary to cite your own work, delete your name and other identifying information and place substitute words in brackets (eg. author, name deleted).   Do not include the reference in the reference list, but remember to include it before submitting your final draft if the paper is accepted.

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