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Entrepreneurship guidance: A tool for Economic Security in Nigeria

NU Akpan
CS Uwah


Economic insecurity has the potential of exposing the people to poverty, starvation, restiveness, underdevelopment, social vices and general state of insecurity. The persistence of such a situation exposes everyone directly or indirectly, to avoidable dangers of social crises and violence. It is believed that the challenges of unemployment and joblessness can predispose a nation to economic insecurity. The introduction of entrepreneurship education into the education system of Nigeria is a well conceived policy that can help to empower our youths with functional skills and thereby enhance economic security for them and the nation. In this paper, the use of entrepreneurship guidance to facilitate entrepreneurship education in the country is advocated. It is strongly believed that this service can be used to assist our youths to identify, acquire, develop and utilize marketable skills with which they can gainfully employ themselves and thereby contribute to economic security and development of the country.



Key words: entrepreneurship guidance, economic security, entrepreneurship education


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