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The imperative of counselling as a tool for family security

OA Odeniyi
AO Oyediji


Security is a prerequisite for other basic needs of man. Any normal human being can only think of what to eat, do and desire other things after being confident of his security. Family security is essential for the security of the nation. The people that constitute the society, and the country are members of the family. If the country will be secured then the family must be secured. Inspite of the importance of security in the affairs of people, yet there is security challenge all over the world. The people that are causing security breach are from families. The authors therefore focus this paper on the state of insecurity, causes of insecurity, what the family can do to overcome security challenges. The paper recommends that every family should have a counsellor that security challenge can be taken to the police should be properly armed and that other law enforcement agents should take the issue of security more seriously. Also, all the three tiers of the government should see to the problem of unemployment and find practical solution to it.


Keywords: Family, Counselling, Security