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Identifying learning characteristics of the gifted Students in the Inclusive classroom among secondary schools in Nigeria: Implications for placement, instruction and counselling

MI Goshwe
ND Zachariah
NS Gutat


The failure of schools, teachers and counsellors to identify gifted students as well as responding to their unique characteristics and learning needs give rise to this paper. Gifted learners possess high level of intelligence than their peers, but are disadvantaged in the sense that they are not given the opportunity to reach their full potentials, many believed that gifted students do not need help because of their exceptional abilities. Counselling strategies andinstruction to assist the gifted students and people around them have been discussed. The paper recommended that: counsellors should work hand in hand with teachers and school authorities to make sure that gifted students are identified and placed in special classes and programs to ensure their giftedness is nurtured and encouraged. They should also be provided with a challenging and meaningful curriculum within regular classrooms or differentiated to meet their learning needs. Counsellors and teachers should be trained on how to identify the gifted students. Parents and peers of the gifted should be counselled to tolerate and be patient with the gifted students.

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