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Path-Analytic investigation of some Psycho-Social variables affecting adjustment to school transition among fresh Secondary School students in South-Eastern Nigeria

DA Oluwole
EC Ohizu


This study through path-analysis investigated some psychosocial variables affecting adjustment to transition of fresh secondary school students in Nigeria. The study adopted the ex-post facto research design. Simple random sampling technique was used to select one thousand two hundred participants from thirty randomly selected public secondary schools in two randomly selected local governments in each of the five Southeastern States. Eight instruments used were: Students Academic Achievement Motivation scale (α= 0.86), Academic Self-efficacy scale (α= 0.82), Peer influence scale (α= 0.76), Attitude to School Scale (α= 0.68), Interest in schooling scale (α= 0.79), Emotional Intelligence Scale (α= 0.87), Academic Adjustment Scale (α= 0.79) and Socioeconomic Status Scale (α= 0.64). Seven research questions were raised and answered at 0.05 level of significance. Data were analysed using multiple regression, backward solution and path analysis. The psychosocial variables of the study  jointly contributed significantly to the prediction of adjustment to transition among fresh junior secondary school students F(9, 1199) = 38.37 R2= 0.23; p<.0.001). The exogenous variables jointly accounted for 23 percent variance in adjustment to transition. Also, the strength of causation of psycho-social variables on the model varies: Emotional Intelligence β= 0.23; P<.05; Academic achievement motivation β= 0.18; P<.05; Interest in schooling β= 0.08; P<.05; Attitude to school β= 0.06; P<.05 and Academic Self-efficacy β= -0.02; P<.05. Thus, it is recommended that the adjustment to school transition of fresh secondary school students should be given appropriate attention to help them adjust favourably well to academic and environmental challenges.


Key words:  Adjustment, School, Transition, Student, Psychosocial, South-East, Nigeria

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