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The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioural Counselling Model in Managing Adolescents' Psycho-social Crisis.

JI Odigie


This study focused on applying counselling models in managing adolescent psycho-social crisis. A laboratory approach using a simulated problem situation to determine the effectiveness of Cognitive-behavioural counselling model in managing psycho-social crisis and propensity to drug-abuse in adolescents was adopted with a quasi-experimental design. 30 students were randomly selected from 100 volunteer adolescent Students of University of Ado-Ekiti. A 10-item psycho-social stress Reaction Questionnaire was used to test the reactions to psycho-social stress and propensity to drug abuse of the 30 students (15-membered control and experimental groups respectively) before and after treatment. It was found that problem-solving and self-talk skills training of cognitive behavioural counselling model enhance adolescent positive reactions to psycho-social stress and reduce propensity to drug abuse in adolescents. It was recommended that parents should use counselling services for the management of the psycho-social crisis and propensity to drug abuse of their adolescent children.

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