Infrared Absorption Band Assignment in Benzanilide and Some of its p-Substituted Derivatives

  • N Ufaruna
Keywords: Benzanilide, IR Absorption Band


An attempt has been made to carry out a complete infrared band assignment for the infrared spectra of benzanilide and its p-methyl, p-chloro, p-bromo, p-carboxy, and p-nitro derivatives. Out of the six characteristic Amide Bands which originated from coupled vibrations of the peptide linkage- CONH–, four bands (Amide I, II, III and V) have been assigned for all the compounds studied. Aimide IV band was assigned for the unsubstituted benzanilide and p-nitrobenzanilide only. However, no absorption band(s) that can be readily attributed to Amide VI mode was observed for all the benzanilides.

Keywords: Benzanilide, IR Absorption Band


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eISSN: 2384-6028
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