Evaluation of Physicochemical Properties and Heavy Metals Concentration in Municipal Dumpsite Compost in Kano Metropolis, Nigeria.

  • WLO Jimoh
  • Y Sabo
Keywords: Compost, Dumpsite, Heavy Metal, Metropolis, Municipal


Physicochemical properties of municipal dumpsite compost in Kano metropolis and concentration of heavy metals were investigated. Analysis was carried out by atomic absorption spectrometry (Buck Scientific VPG 210). The results shows that the compost pH (6.63-8.19), electric conductivity of compost (638-933μs/cm), total organic carbon(6.28-8.65%) and organic matter/humus (10.86-14.95%).The heavy metals analysis of municipal dumpsite compost it contained Zn(52.18-547.82mg/kg), Cu(34.50-262.06mg/kg), Fe(18.18-109.08mg/kg), Ni(9.5276.19mg/kg), Mn(12.40-73.45mg/kg) Pb(13.80-62.07mg/kg), and Cd(2.5-7.5mg/kg). Heavy metals concentrations (mg/kg) in studied compost were below the maximum allowable total metal concentration in compost compared with USEPA, Indian Compost Standards, Italy and USA Compost Regulations.

Keywords: Compost, Dumpsite, Heavy Metal, Metropolis, Municipal


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eISSN: 2384-6028
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