GC – MS Characterization of Degutted White Grubs’ Fatty Acids Composition

  • AJ Alhassan
  • MS Sule
Keywords: Fats, Fatty acids, GC – MS, White Grubs


Fatty acids composition of white grubs examined by GC- MS identified 19 different fatty acids; 11 saturated, 7 monoene and a cyclopropaneoctanoate. The identified ones are Methyl tetradecanoate (C14:0), Methyl dodecanoate (C12:0), Methyl cis – 9 - octadecenote (C18:1), Methyl(7E) – 7 – hexadecenoate (C16:1), Methyl palmitoleinate (C16:1), Methyl 8 –(2-hexylcyclopropyl)octanoate, Methyl (7E)-7 – Octadecenoate (C18:1), Methyl 14 – methylpentadecanoate (C15:0), n–Hexadecanoic acid methyl ester(C16:0), n- octadecanoic acid methyl ester (C18:0), n- pentadecanoic acid methyl ester (C15: 0), Methyl trans – 9- octadecenoate (C18:1), Methyl (10E) – 10 –octadecenoate (C18:1), Methyl heneicosanoate (C21:0), Arachidic acid methyl ester (C20:0), Methyl – 15 – metylhexadecanoate (C16:0), Methyl tridecanoate (C13:0). The presence of eicosanoic acid indicates that white grubs may be rich in essential fatty acids. The result established a hybrid nature in fatty acid composition of the grubs in that it has both plant and animal specific fatty acids. The presence of saturated fatty acids and precursor for some physiologically active lipids may qualify WGs lipid to serve dietary and medicinal role.

Keywords: Fats, Fatty acids, GC – MS, White Grubs


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2384-6028
print ISSN: 2276-707X