Synthesis and characterization of Bis (3-hydroxy-3-phenyl-1-O-carboxyphenyl triazene) Manganese (II) complex

  • U Muhammad
  • H.N. Aliyu
Keywords: Schiff base complex, 3-hydroxy 3- phenyl-1-o-carboxyphenyltriazene


3-hydroxy-3-phenyl-1-o-Carboxyphenyltriazene (HT) was synthesized by coupling ethanolic solution of diazonium salt of 2-aminobenzoic acid with phenylhydroxylamine in 1:1 molar proportion at 0-5OC in a refrigerator. Interaction of ethanolic solution of the ligand and aqueous solution of Manganese (II) sulphate heptahydrate formed bis (3-hydroxy-3-phenyl-1-o-carboxyphenyltriazene) Manganese (II) monohydrate. The ligand is soluble in many organic solvents; however, it is slightly soluble in water. Similarly the Manganese (II) complex is soluble in some organic solvents and water. The molar conductance of the complex is 36.7 Ohm-1Cm2Mol-1 which is quite low, suggesting that the compound is non-electrolyte. The complex compound decomposed at 208OC, indicating good thermal stability. The infrared of the ligand and the complex showed bands, which are attributable to ʋ (N=N) stretching vibration at 1397 and 1400 Cm-1s. The bands at 3425 and 3463 Cm-1 are assigned to ʋ (O-H) vibration in the complex and the ligand respectively. The empirical formular calculation from gravimetric analysis results revealed a 1: 2 metal to ligand ratio.

Keywords: Schiff base complex, 3-hydroxy 3- phenyl-1-o-carboxyphenyltriazene


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