Evaluating the Effects of Roofing Materials on Physicochemical Properties of Harvested Rainwater in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria

  • A.U. Itodo
  • R.A. Wuana
  • O.D. Erhabor
  • E.K. Obruche
  • Z.M. Agbendeh
Keywords: Harvested Rainwater, MLF, Physicochemical Analysis, Roofing Sheet, WRPC


This study was aimed at investigating the effects of roofing materials on water quality, in Warri district. Random sampling technique was used to collect forty two (42) rainwater samples from different roofing materials made from (asbestos, zinc, aluminium and thatch roof) including the control (rainwater collected directly from the sky) in Warri refinery and petrochemical company(WRPC) and military formation area(MLF). The harvested rainwater samples were analyzed using Atomic adsorption spectrophotometer, AAS, TDS meter, heating plates, electrical conductivity meter, retort stand, pH meter, Turbidity meter, Conductivity meter etc. Results obtained revealed that most of physiochemical parameters of rainwater samples analyzed were generally below the WHO threshold. The results also indicate the presence of Pb, Fe and Cr, in the harvested rainwater samples, of which Pb that is a poisonous metal is above the maximum WHO allowable limit of 0.3 mg/L. From the results, scientifically, it is advisable that the first flush from all the rooftops cannot be used because of high levels of dirt, rust etc. Fifth flush and above can be used for domestic chores like washing, mopping, irrigation, cleaning, laundry etc. without further purification, but should be subjected to simple water treatment like boiling and chlorination before it can be consumed.



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