Determination of Physicochemical Parameters of Water and Soil Samples around Owukpa Coal Mine, Benue State Nigeria

  • Sesugh Ande
  • Alhaji Simon Ekere
  • Ishaq Shaibu Eneji
Keywords: Coal mine, Owukpa, Physicochemical parameters, Soil, Water


This research assessed the physicochemical parameters of water and soil samples in the vicinity of Owukpa Coal Mine, Benue State Nigeria. Surface water samples were obtained from the two (2) main sources of water for the people of Eyari and Anchimodo in Owukpa as well as control samples from River Okpokwu. Six Soil samples were obtained from six different locations around the mining site and Two (2) control samples were collected 7 km away from the mining site. Results indicated that the water bodies are acidic as the pH values 6.20, 4.70 and 4.65 for Anchimodo, Eyari and control samples respectively fell below the recommended limit of 8.00 by W.H.O. Other physicochemical parameters measured in the water samples were generally far less than the concentrations set by W.H.O. The concentration of the soil physicochemical parameters generally fell below the recommended values by W.H.O. However, the values of magnesium (83.0 and 195 mg/kg for soil and control soil samples respectively) were much more than the concentration (50.0 mg/kg) given by WHO. The high level of acidity observed in the water sample is a source of concern; Government and policy makers should take some proper steps by ensuring that mining policy is up to date and applied accordingly in the mining site.


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eISSN: 2384-6028
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