Effect of some Physicochemical Properties of Soil on Microbial Respiration along River Jakara, Kano State, Nigeria

  • Mansur Abdul Mohammed


This study aimed at evaluating the effect of soil temperature on soil respiration. Ten soil samples were collected along the irrigated land in dry and wet seasons from 0 – 15 cm depth using composite sampling method and then analysed for Cr, Cd, Pb, pH, temperature and soil respiration using standard laboratory procedures. The results showed that soil pH (7.65 ±0.57), and soil respiration (5.67±0.87) were found to be higher in wet season where the temperature was high (26oC). However, Cd (4.37 mg/kg ±0.6), Cr (64.8 mg/kg±10.12) and Pb (43.61 mg/kg±3.77) were found to be higher in dry season where the pH and temperature were low. The correlation analyses showed that soil respiration was negatively correlated with temperature and Cr (r = -0.5). The results also revealed that soil pH and temperature have significant effects on rate of soil microbial activities because soil respiration is higher in the wet season where pH and temperature were high. Soil temperature and pH significantly affect the soil respiration in the study areas.


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eISSN: 2384-6028
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