Increasing Error Detection and Correction Efficiency in ISBN Code

  • L Nyaga
  • C Mwathi
Keywords: Error detection, error correction


The current International Standard Book Number (ISBN) code is designed to detect any error and correct any
single-error and double-error created by the transposition of two digits. The decoder of the code would have to
know that the detected error is a single or a double transposition if they are to correct it. In this paper we show
how the efficiency in error detection and correction in the ISBN can be significantly increased. To achieve this we
redesigned the existing ISBN by converting it to a cyclic code. This code can determine if there is a single error
or a combination of errors, identify the position of the error(s) and consequently correct both transpose and nontranspose
errors. This work will help in providing reference for a coding system with high efficiency in error
correction, a quality that is important for both local and international publishers.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1015-079X