Energy Performance Modeling of a Sugar Manufacturing Industry

  • Olasunkanmi O. Akinyemi
  • Olusesi A. Oladunjoye
Keywords: Energy management, CUSUM, Performance model, Energy, No-production energy consumption


Effective energy monitoring, reporting, and management strategies for wise energy usage is one of the objectives of Energy Management. Numerous researches have highlighted the extremely good profits of imposing business and industrial energy management measures. Notably, a number of those research display that extra financial savings may be found out in growing international locations. Unfortunately, industries in developing countries like Nigeria are lagging behind in the adoption of energy management measures and as such missing the benefits of implementation. This research study sets out to evaluate the energy consumption performance in manufacturing industry in order to showcase the gains of energy management in manufacturing industry. Data on weekly energy consumption (in MW) and weekly production of sugar (in Bags, 50kg/bag) were obtained from a sugar manufacturing company in southwestern Nigeria. Energy management data analysis and modeling was done using linear regression plot of energy consumption against production; energy intensity plot and cumulative sum of difference (CUSUM) plot respectively. The energy performance model was obtained from the linear regression plot and two parameters namely incremental energy consumed per bag (per kg) of sugar produced and “no-production” energy consumption are the performance measures. The model showed that the incremental energy consumed per bag (or per kg) is 0.00008 MW/Bag or 80W/Bag or 1600W/kg while the no-production energy consumption is 211.73 MW. Results also reveals that the no-production activities consumed energy more when compared with the actual energy used for production. CUSUM identified five periods when energy consumption gave higher and increased production thereby showing that CUSUM charts are more effective in detecting changes in energy consumption. The research study has shown how energy management data analysis can be helpful in taking decision that will enhance increased production and reduction of no-production energy consumption activities.

Keywords: Energy management, CUSUM, Performance model, Energy, No-production energy consumption


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eISSN: 2635-3490
print ISSN: 2476-8316