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Exploration of Male Partners’ Gender Based Violence by Female Partners in Dar es Salaam-Tanzania

Amaniel Athuman
Emmanuel J. Munishi


This study explored Gender Based violence of male partners by female partners in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, using the qualitative approach. It employed a prolonged field engagement through in-depth interviews. While Dar es Salaam Region consists five municipalities, this study was conducted in Ilala Municipality owing its strategic location in the city with big populations and large social interactions. Through snow ball sampling technique, 25 men were sampled as respondents and thematic analysis was used to analyze the data. The study established that males experienced a variety of gender based violence including physical, psychological and economic violence. Factors contributing to gender-based violence included lack of awareness and negative perception toward gender-based violence services. Because of the patriarchal nature of the society, men who experience GBV did not report the incidents since they felt being embarrassed and undermined by the community's social structure. Based on conclusions, the study recommends that men should strive to get empowered economically, considering that there has been a positive correlation between men’s economic powerlessness and violence against them by their partners. Affected men should be sensitized on the availability and significance of various institutions dealing with GBV; they should consult the institutions whenever they fall victim to GBV. Finally, there is a need for more male representation in gender desks since gender desks in many police stations currently lack equitable men representation.

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