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Arbuscular-mycorrhizal fungi (Glomales) in Egypt. III: Distribution and ecology in some plants in El-Omayed Biosphere Reserve

Hamdy E. Agwa, Yassin M. Al-Sodany


Roots and rhizospheric soils of 26 plant species belonging to 18 families representing five different habitats at El-Omayed Biosphere Reserve were collected and examined for arbuscular-mycorrhizal fungal (AMF) associations. Plant species recorded in the habitat of coastal sand dunes had the highest percentage of infection and spore number, followed by those of non-saline depressions, while those of saline depressions showed the lowest percentage of infection and spore numbers. There was a significant negative correlation between the percentage of infection and both salinity and phosphorus concentration in the study area. Cluster analysis in correlation matrices indicated that spore numbers, CaCO3, Fe, percentage of infection and K were closely correlated.
KEY WORDS: Arbuscular mycorrhiza, habitats, sand dunes, salt marshes, Glomus
Egyptian Journal of Botany Vol.5 2003: 19-26

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