Egyptian Journal of Biology - Vol 5 (2003)

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Table of Contents


Potential contamination of groundwater in the World Heritage Site of the St. Katherine Protectorate, Egypt
Hesham Abdulla, Kamal Ghodeif, Sahar El-Shatoury, Ahmed Dewedar
Induction of resistance to tobacco necrosis virus in bean plants by certain microbial isolates
Sahar A. Shoman, Nagwa A. Abd-Allah, Ashraf F. El-Baz
Arbuscular-mycorrhizal fungi (Glomales) in Egypt. III: Distribution and ecology in some plants in El-Omayed Biosphere Reserve
Hamdy E. Agwa, Yassin M. Al-Sodany
Variation of seed protein of Alkanna orientalis subpopulations in relation to geographical isolation in St Katherine Protectorate, Sinai, Egypt
Somia S El-Akkad, Mona M Ali
Hormone levels and protein patterns in dormant and non-dormant buds of strawberry, and induction of bud break by gibberellic acid
Hala F. S. Ahmed, Mohamad Imam Ragab
Metabolic responses of two Helianthus annuus cultivars to different fluoride concentrations during germination and seedling growth stages
Amal A. H. Saleh, Dina Z. Abdel-Kader
Production of nursery-reared seedlings of the gray mangrove Avicennia marina under laboratory conditions
Ali Gab-Alla, Ishrak Khafagi, Waleed Salama, Moustafa Fouda
Biological activities and phytochemical constituents of the gray mangrove Avicennia marina (Forssk.) Vierh.
Ishrak Khafagi, Ali Gab-Alla, Waleed Salama, Moustafa Fouda
Scanning electron microscopy of Clinostomum metacercaria from Oreochromis niloticus from Assiut, Egypt
Aziza Marwan, Torkia A. Mohammed
Prevalence and intensity of Nematodirus sp. and Eimeria sp. infections in the domestic goats of St. Katherine\'s Protectorate (Sinai, Egypt): relations with some ecological and biological factors
Maha FM Soliman, Samy M Zalat
Humoral immune response of Swiss mice after immunization with E-selenium adjuvated and non-adjuvated locally prepared Vero-cell rabies vaccine
Hekmat Mohamed Tantawy
Metabolic and histological studies on the effect of garlic administration on the carnivorous fish Chrysichthys auratus<./i>
Mohamed B. Al-Salahy, Abd Allah B. Mahmoud
Physiological and behavioural responses of Ruditapes decussatus to roundup and reldan
Nahla S. El-Shenawy, Ismail M. Abdel-Nabi, Tarak I. Moawad, Inas A. Taha
The effect of the Banton 300 oil-spill accident on marine life in Umm Al-Quwain in the Arabian Gulf (northern United Arab Emirates)
Hamed A. El-Serehy, Maitha M. Al-Darmaky
Spider diversity in relation to habitat heterogeneity and an altitudinal gradient in South Sinai, Egypt
Hossam El-Din Abdelmoniem, Samy Zalat, Moustafa El-Naggar, Abdelfattah Ghobashy
Lipase and phospholipase activities of Hymenoptera venoms (wasps and ants)
Samy Zalat, Justin Schmidt, Tarek I Moawad
Ultrastructure comparison of the sensory morphology of the first- and third-instar larvae of Parasarcophaga argyrostoma (Robineau-Desvoidy) (Diptera: Sarcophagidae)
Azza Awad, Salah Abdel-Salam, Refat Abou El-Ela, Abdel-Aal Abdel-Aal, Doaa Mohamed
Toxicological evaluation of some botanical oils on biochemical aspects in the Indian meal moth Plodia interpunctella HB. (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)
Ibrahim F Shoukry, Abdel Fattah A Khalaf, Karam T Hussein, Karim S Khater

ISSN: 1110-6859
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