Egyptian Journal of Biology

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Spider diversity in relation to habitat heterogeneity and an altitudinal gradient in South Sinai, Egypt

Hossam El-Din Abdelmoniem, Samy Zalat, Moustafa El-Naggar, Abdelfattah Ghobashy


Using pitfall traps, wandering spiders (Arachnida: Araneae) were sampled in a nested design from three different localities in the mountainous arid ecosystem of South Sinai at low, middle, and high altitudes. Habitat type and altitude were clearly different among the three localities. Spider diversity per trap varied spatially and temporally among and sometimes within localities. Altitude, relative humidity, and temperature had different effects, either positive or negative with the abundance of different families. Habitat heterogeneity within a locality may also affect spider diversity. The different localities had distinct and characteristic groups of spiders responding to altitude and habitat characteristics.
KEY WORDS: Araneae, Simpson diversity index, pitfall traps, desert, Bedouin gardens, DFA.
Egyptian Journal of Botany Vol.5 2003: 129-137

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