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Lipase and phospholipase activities of Hymenoptera venoms (wasps and ants)

Samy Zalat
Justin Schmidt
Tarek I Moawad


Using polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis without sodium dodecyl sulphate (native gel), Polistes flavis venom has four major protein bands, one of which has lipase activity; with sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS-PAGE), the venom had eighteen bands with molecular weights ranging from a maximum of 94 kD and a minimum of 17 kD; HPLC of the venom resulted in 122 aliquots, two of which have lipase activity. The presence of venom phospholipase activity of 23 Hymenoptera species is demonstrated. Venoms of these species migrate on yolk egg/agarose plates with five different patterns of migration. Implications for phylogenetic relationships among these 23 Hymenoptera species are discussed.

KEY WORDS: Vespidae, Formicidae, Polistes flavis venom, native gel, SDS-PAGE, phospholipase inhibition

Egyptian Journal of Botany Vol.5 2003: 138-147