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Developmental State of Ethiopia: Reflections on the Benefits Obtained and the Costs Incurred

Endalachew Bayeh


This research examines the progress achieved and the costs incurred as a result of the application of a developmental state model in Ethiopia. To this end, the researcher relied on secondary sources. Based on a thorough analysis of relevant sources, the following findings are obtained. Even though the developmental state has brought an observable level of economic growth, it has also caused several detrimental effects in other spheres: eroding the value of pluralism; endangering human rights; entrenching a single-party authoritarian rule; leading to rampant corruption; intensifying arbitrary intervention in the life of citizens. In implementing the model, the focus was on economic growth while the political aspect of it was sidelined. As a result, the researcher suggests that economic growth and political transformation (democratization) should be valued equally and pursued side-by-side, not in tandem.