ESARBICA Journal: Journal of the Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives

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Records Management Standards and the Good Governance Agenda in Commonwealth Africa

Alistair Tough


This paper reports the results of research carried out by means of questionnaires sent to Directors of National Archives and by e-mail “interviews” of educators and consultants. National standards (mainly in the form of policy and procedure manuals for the public service) and international / external standards are discussed. The role and impact of Public Service Reform Programmes (PSRP) and the impact of major projects (for example, payroll reform and revenue management) are examined. Many PSRP projects are donor funded under the auspices of New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD) so the importance of donor behaviour is addressed. The possibility that the ‘transport pool problem' will be replicated in the domain of records management is considered. The possibility that South Africa may emerge as a regional leader in the field is examined.

ESARBICA Journal Vol.22 2003: 2-15

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