Digital Technology – Understanding the Problems Posed by Information Technology in Generating and Managing Records from a Third World Perspective

  • Vivan Tafor Witwatersrand University Doctoral Student


Since the introduction of information and communications technologies (ICTs) to carry out transactions within both government circles and organizations, the widespread use of these technologies has experienced a phenomenal increase. In fact, it is rare to find any organization or government institution today that does not make use of digital technology at least in one way or another. The reasons for adopting ICTs are based on the advantages that are associated with modern information technology (IT). On the other hand, the justification for going the IT route might be illusory. For instance, it is thought in some circles that ICTs will solve every information problem within an organization, but is not always the case. Though enormous benefits accrue to institutions that use digital technology to transact their businesses, digital technology can be a nightmare, given that electronic records are more complicated and delicate than paper based systems.

ESARBICA Journal Vol.22 2003: 72-76

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eISSN: 0376-4753