Influence of Contractor Selection Criteria on Critical Success Factors of Public Project Delivery in Abuja

  • A. A Adejoh
  • M. M Asebiomo
  • E. B Ogunbode
  • L. O Oyewobi
  • M. A Sani
  • R. B Isa
  • R. A Jimoh
Keywords: Critical success factor, Procurement, Project delivery, Selection criteria, Abuja


There are so many contractors that are not technically and managerially competent. This makes contractor selection processes an onerous task to be performed by the client. Yet, without a proper and accurate method for selecting the most appropriate contractor, the performance of the project will be affected denying clients value for money. Therefore, the study assessed the Influence of contractor selection criteria on critical success factor of public project delivery in Abuja, Nigeria using self-administered structured questionnaires to construction professionals. It was discovered that experience, financial capability, and technical capability are widely considered criteria in the selection process while all the critical success factors for project delivery are very much crucial and that procurement related factors, project stakeholders’ related factors, and daily site factors are essential factors to effective project delivery. The study concluded that there exists a significant relationship between the factors considered in selection of contractors and the criteria success factors. Based on the relati0nship between selection criteria and success factors, there is the need to adopt the selection criteria for each individual project based on project characteristics, client characteristics and external environment for effective project delivery. It is necessary to make good assessment of the technical capacity and experience of the contractors when considering the costfactor for project delivery.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2705-3636
print ISSN: 2006-0459