Study on the prevalence of bovine fasciolosis in and around Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

  • F Aregay
  • J Bekele
  • Y Ferede
  • M Hailemelekot
Keywords: Abattoir, Bovine, Bahir Dar, Coprology, Fasciola, Prevalence.


A cross sectional study aimed at determining the prevalence and type of common Fasciola species in cattle was conducted in and around Bahir Dar from November 2008- March 2009. The study was based on post-mortem inspection of livers of slaughtered animals at Bahir Dar municipality abattoir and coprological examination using sedimentation technique on fecal samples collected from animals of Bahir Dar and surrounding areas. Out of 413 livers inspected, 165 (39.95%) were positive for Fasciola species. F. hepatica was found to be the most prevalent species in cattle of the study area (89.70%). About 3.63% were positive for F. gigantica and 6.67% were harboring mixed infections. Likewise, out of 384 fecal samples examined 141 (36.72) were positive for the presence of Fasciola eggs. Risk factors such as locality, body condition and sex didn’t show any effect on the prevalence of infections (P>0.05). However, breed and age group revealed significant disparity (P<0.05) as greater magnitude of infections were detected in exotic breed and young age group, respectively. In view of the current result, fasciolosis could be considered as a major problem in Bahir Dar and surrounding areas as the ecological factors and management conditions are suitable both for the snail intermediate host and the parasite to be maintained. Strategic treatments need to be implemented at appropriate timing with the aim of reducing worm burden from infected animals and preclude pasture contamination. Integrated control approaches involving livestock owners has to be implemented in reducing the population and activity of snail intermediate hosts to enable maximization of long-term returns from such endemic areas.

Key words: Abattoir, Bovine, Bahir Dar, Coprology, Fasciola, Prevalence.


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eISSN: 2221-5034
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