Water Pollution and Quality Assessment of Lakes Gerio and Njuwa in Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria

  • M.M. Barde
  • A.P. Kwabuge
  • S. Adamu


The study focuses on water pollution and quality assessments of Lakes Gerio and Njuwa and its consequent effects on the water and the live that exist in and around the lakes basins. The effects of anthropogenic activities and particulate matter on water quality of the lakes were assessed. The objective is to analyse the physical properties of the water, conduct pH and coliform test in order to assess water quality. Water samples were subjected to microbial analysis in order to test for faecal contamination as well as pH test. Both waters turned out to contain coliforms and are acidic with Lake Gerio (pH of 6.5) and Lake Njuwa (pH of 6.0). The activities taking place around the lakes include; farming in which farm inputs like fertilizers, herbicides affect the water quality, fishing, washing, bathing, as well as deposition of human and animal urine and faeces due to open defaecation. Sedimentation and siltation of River Benue as well as the lakes also introduce more challenges that need particular attention. Conclusively, both lakes were unfit for human consumption. It is therefore recommended that there should be public enlightenment of the lake users about the dangers of inappropriate usage and consumption of the contaminated waters. Farmers around the lakes should be encouraged to minimise the use of chemicals through advocacy and incentives, for the application of sustainable conservation farming practices to conserve the ecosystem so as to improve on the quality of the water of the two lakes.


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eISSN: 1597-8826
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