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Application of GIS-based Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Analysis for the Selection of Locations of Fire Stations

A. Babalola
I. Akegbeyale


The growth and development of the city of Ilorin over the years, as warranted the proper planning of the city, to attain urban growth and development sustainability. The purpose of the study is to use geographic information system (GIS) based multi-criteria decision-making analysis (GIS-MCDA) to select suitable locations for siting fire stations in the metropolis. This study utilized analytical hierarchical process (AHP) analysis in the GIS environment to select areas most suitable for siting fire stations within the region. Overall, 9 criteria factors such as population density, proximity to roads, slope, proximity to built-up areas, proximity to schools, proximity to hospitals, proximity to petrol stations, proximity to police stations, and including proximity to the existing fire stations were formulated based on the study area, and through comprehensive literature review. These criteria were weighted using AHP method, and integrated using the weighted overlay tool to produce the suitability map of the proposed locations for the fire stations. The resulting findings identifies 11 sites that are considered suitable for situating fire stations, with 5 amongst the 11 most suitable for siting new fire station locations. Also, the result of the study can assist policy makers in determining the most suitable locations of fire stations in cities. Follow up studies will focus on combining AHP with other techniques like Fuzzy logic and spatial modelling methods to facilitate the modification of the proposed method and its applications to the site selection processes.

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