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Geochemistry and Industrial Assessment of Limestone Beds in Guyuk Area, Northern Benue trough, Northeastern Nigeria

Y. B. Valdon


Limestone deposits occur within sedimentary formations in Guyuk, Nigeria. The growing demand of this crucial resource in Adamawa state and indeed Nigeria calls for its evaluation. Geologic investigation reveals three mappable lithofacies of crystalline limestone, shelly limestone and bioclastic limestone. These are intercalated with shales, mudstones and in some places bioclastic limestone. Chemical analysis of the limestone by X-ray fluorescence analysis reveals a mean composition of CaO (45.43%), MgO (0.46%), Feo3 (2.70%), AL2O3 (2.00%), SiO2 (6.20%). The Silica ratio (SiR) and alumina –iron ratio (AIR) are 1.23 and 0.81 respectively. These parameters suggest a moderate purity limestone that is suitable for the manufacture of Portland cement, lime for agricultural purposes, filler in construction industries, and raw material in the chemical industries.

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