Entrepreneurial Career Ambitions of Female Psychology Students: Demystifying Gender Stereotypes

  • P Mudhovozi


Women participation in entrepreneurship has increased tremendously over the last decades and now is significant in most developed and many developing countries. The study sought to explore the career motives of female  psychology students. Ex-post facto research design was employed to inform the research. The stratified random sampling method was used to select 182 participants. A questionnaire was used to gather data. Results were analysed using descriptive statistics (means and standard errors were calculated). The results showed that female psychology students had  moderate   entrepreneurial motives for choosing psychology as a career field. They hoped to establish successful firms and create employment opportunities for other people. Future research should replicate the current study with a cross-geographic sample to determine how robust the findings are and their generalisability to female psychology students in Southern Africa.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-9231