Gender discrimination and the Nigerian scenario: a review

  • Taiwo Olabode Kolawole
  • Kayode Yunus Adeigbe
Keywords: Gender, discrimination, Sex, Sex Role and Culture


This paper explores sexism discrimination as a major factor that impoverishes the female sex in Nigeria. It is often observed that the female sex is usually discriminated and alienated in all areas of life in a patriarchal society like Nigeria, creating unbalanced property relations which affect economic growth and development in a masculine society. The secondary source of data collection was deeply explored. Table on gender representation in the Federal Civil Service from the office of Head of service, Abuja was also explored. The paper argued that customs, religion and culture are contributory factors to high rate of female discrimination or alienation in Nigeria. Findings disclosed that women are discriminated in all ramifications especially in terms of having access to economic and political resources and even decision-making status which often alienate and enslave them in the hands of their male counterparts thus resulting to a sex dominating the leadership platform in all sectors of the country, this automatically bring about unending poverty across board in the nation. The paper concluded that if the gender lacuna continues in Nigeria, it very possible that the MDGs especially those that centers around gender might not be attained. The paper recommended that women liberation, centering women and empowerment is inevitable and should be treated as a matter of urgency.

Keywords: Gender, discrimination, Sex, Sex Role and Culture


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