Investigation of the socio-economic factors that influences deviant behaviour among the youth: a case study of Madonsi Village, South Africa

  • Mudau Thiziwilondi Josephine
  • Chauke Thulani Andrew
  • Malatji Khashane Stephen


Deviant behaviour among youth is escalating in South Africa. It has led to a situation where scholars and youth policy makers search for ways to eradicate it. South African young people especially those in rural area face multiple number of socio-economic challenges that stand in their way of living a fulfilled life. This paper reveals socio-economic factors that contribute to deviant behaviour of youth and identifies mechanisms to eradicate it. The study samples 12 participants: six males and six females through the use of purpose sampling as sub-type of non-probability sampling. The instrument used in this study to collect data was open-ended questionnaires. Focus group was established to gather data from the participant in a semi-structure interview. The data obtained in this paper was collected on the same day. The study was in from of qualitative in order to get rich depth and the real experience from the perspective of young people who were involved in the study. Thematic analysis was used to analyse the data. Theme and sub-theme were identified in the study which are presented in the study result. The study findings revealed that socio-economic factors such poverty, peer pressure, lack of sporting activities and dysfunctional family have negative impact on their behaviour. It results in a situation in which they behave in the following way; abuse drugs, get involved in pre-marital sex, and abuse alcohol.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-9231