Gender and Behaviour

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Gender and marketing of agricultural produce in Nigeria

Olayinka Akanle, Adefolake Olusola Ademuson, Olufunke Olufunsho Adegoke, Ewajesu Opeyemi Okewumi


Often times when gender is considered in relation to marketing, the attention is on the marketing of commodities especially manufactured ones. This is because attention on marketing in Africa is increasingly shifting from agricultural markets to shopping malls and virtual markets. Agricultural produce, particularly its marketing, however remains very important in sustaining many African communities and it holds important keys to understanding lingering gender trajectories of Africa. This article therefore examines the social intricacies involved in market decision making relative to agricultural produce by gender in one of the most prominent and enduring agricultural market in West Africa. Data were gathered through In-depth Interviews (IDIs) of 38 actors in the market and the theoretical framework adopted was a triangulation of Gender and Development and Feminist theories. Data analysis was done using content analysis and presented using ethnographic narratives, interpretations and summaries.

Keywords: Gender, Marketing, Agricultural Produce

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