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Exploring the Perceptions of Youth about Covid-19 and the Use of Vaccine in South Africa

T.A Chauke
O.S Obadire
K.S Malatji


This study explored the perception of the youth about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the use of vaccines in South Africa. This study used a qualitative research methodology, a phenomenological research design, convenience and purposive sampling. The study population were 14 youths between ages 15 and 35 years who live in the rural area. Data were collected using structured interviews in a face-to-face and telephonic interview. Data were analysed using thematic content analysis. COVID-19 affected the world and humans severely; people especially the young adults were unable to socialise due to the fear of contracting the virus. This study revealed that because of the loss of many lives due to COVID-19, the youth hold different views regarding COVID-19. The study detailed mixed views from youth about COVID-19 indicating that it is a manmade virus; others do not have faith in the vaccine but majority agreed that COVID-19 is a deadly virus that could be curtained by vaccination. The study recommended that youth should form part of the team by the government to create public awareness on the importance of taking the vaccine to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Keywords: COVID-19, knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, youth, vaccines, rural area