The ‘Unmentionable’ as art: Exploring Lucy Azubuike’s Menstrual Series

  • Nkiruka Jane Nwafor


Menstruation for women is often a hushed private experience. However many women artists have chosen to bring it to the public domain through their art. In this paper I try to explore the concept of menstrual art. I also explore the conceptualization of the biological as art form. I also investigate Lucy Azubuike’s menstrual art series as subtexts of gender representation. Using Azubuike’s menstrual series, I analyze the conceptual techniques she deploys to contest the patriarchal gaze that continually attempts to construct women in Nigerian societies, as subservient. I also argue that Azubuike through her art examines themes that convey sentiments of African feminist art.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-9231