Social support: implications for career optimism and achievement among women and girls with disabilities in Ibadan, Nigeria

  • Samuel Ayodeji Omolawal
  • Temiloluwa Abigail Obisesan
Keywords: Women and Girls with Disabilities; Social Support; Career Optimism; Career Achievement


Generally, People living with disabilities (PLWD) like other human beings, have goals and aspirations to achieve in life. But much more like others, they need social supports to make them achieve their goals and overcome several limitatons. The situation is more worrisome for Women and Girls with disabilities (WGWD) because of their greater vulnerability. Therefore, if these supports are not available for them, there is less chance for them to achieve their dreams in life. This study, therefore, investigated the implications of social support for the career optimism and achievement of WGWD in Ibadan, Nigeria. The study was conducted among WGWD, aged 18 years and above. Qualitative research technique was adopted, and primary data were collected using IDI conducted with 24 WGWD and KII conducted among 5 people (comprising 2 mothers and 2 fathers of WGWD, and 1 female tutor in a Special Peoples Home). Data collected were content analysed. The study revealed that major sources of social supports included family, friends, teachers, and religious groups (largely females in these categories) while types of support included tangible, emotional, information, physical presence and prayers, all instrumental to career optimism and achievement among WGWD. Challenges faced during career pursuit and achievement included discrimination, fear of abuse and harassment, finance, mobility, hostile society, and no-support from government. Governments at all levels are enjoined to provide institutional and societal supports for PLWD and the WGWD in particular, in Nigeria.


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eISSN: 1596-9231