Factors hindering female Arab Palestinians academics' search for employment in Israel

  • Khaled Abu Asbah
  • Tagreed Zoabi
Keywords: Palestinian Arab academic women in Israel; Employment market; Gender and ethnicity; Palestinian Arab minority in Israel; Higher education for Arab women


The article focuses on an examination of the main difficulties encountered in the search for employment among female Arab academics in Israel. The research derived data from a structured questionnaire, specially constructed for the research to a sample of 800 female Arab academics who reported that they were unemployed in the previous three months. The sampling method: the research participants were selected by a stratified sample representing the geographical distribution of the Arab population in the northern, central and southern regions of Israel, and also representing distribution by religion .The findings show that the variable "Self-marketing" had a significant effect. The variable "experience" was also found to have a significant effect in the pairwise comparison. Significant differences were found between Group 4 and each of the other three groups, Group 4 saw the matter of "experience" as a greater focus of difficulty. The conclusion that emerges from the findings, in order to increase the participation rate of Arab academics in the employment market, there is a need for the intervention of the following factors: government ministries; Local authority; Institutions of higher learning; InstitutesEducation; Civil society organizations; Humanitarian organizations and recruiters. The programs will operate on two levels: interventions to increase supply on the one hand and interventions to increase demand


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eISSN: 1596-9231