Development and validation of perceived health prejudice scale for sexually and gender diverse people

  • Abayomi O. Olaseni
Keywords: Healthcare; PHPS-SGD; perception; prejudice; sexual orientation; gender identity


This article aims to develop, validate and determine the psychometric properties of measures for the scale; Perceived Healthcare Prejudice Scale for Sexually and Gender Diverse (PHPS-SGD) persons and communities. This scale presented two dimensions: affective homophobia (the perception or feelings of being prejudiced by healthcare providers) and conative homophobia (the perception of inclined prejudice by co-health seekers). The study adopted a non-probabilistic sample of 925 purposively selected sexual and gender diverse (SGD) persons currently seeking health treatment. A confirmatory analysis was performed to assess the scale structures and the Cronbach's Alpha coefficient was estimated to evaluate the instrument’s internal consistency. The researcher conducted a convergent test through a correlation analysis between the PHPS-SGD scale and other similar-different instruments. PHPS-SGD is therefore recommended as a reliable and valid screening tool for the measurement of perceived prejudice and different dimensions among SGD individuals.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-9231