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Entrepreneurship as a strategy for empowering female survivors of intimate partner violence in Lagos State, Nigeria

Akangbe Tomisin Adedunmola
Fawole Olufemi Adeniyi
Balogun Obasanjo Solomon


Entrepreneurship has become accepted as an imperative means to improve livelihood, boost job creation and ensure economic independence. Economic  dependence on their abusers is one of the reasons battered women may not quit abusive relationships, hence the need to have a steady means of  sustenance both for themselves and their children. In-depth interview from ten female survivors of Intimate partner violence, were analysed using the  content analysis procedure, which was further predicated on the 1988 Gondolf and Fisher Survivor theory. The study revealed that female survivors of IPV  were able to cater to their needs through the financial aids received from the State Government and also through their participation in the skill  training and acquisition programmes put in place by the State. Entrepreneurship, when embraced can be the solution to this over-reliance of women on  their abusive partners. This paper looks at the role entrepreneurship can play in empowering women especially those who suffer economic abuse in  intimate relationships.  

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eISSN: 1596-9231