Promotion of Gender Equality: A Millennium Development Goal.

  • J Akpotor


Promotion of gender equality and women empowerment is goal number three of the Millennium Development Goal. While most of the Millennium Development Goals face a deadline of 2015, the gender parity target was set to be achieved a full ten years earlier - an acknowledgement that equal access to education is the foundation for all other development goals. Recent statistics show that for every 100 boys out of school, there are still 117 girls in the same situation. Despite the enlightenment of emancipation of women from restrictions and protections and their entry into equality with their men counterparts, women are still regarded as the inferior sex, relegated by culture and traditions as the centre of home and family life. The paper reveals that irrespective of the Millennium Development goal of gender parity and women empowerment, statistics reveal that there still exist much of gender inequality in the African societies placing the male folks at advantage over the women folks exarcebated by culture, religion and believes which undercuts women's rights politically, economically and socially. It is therefore our view that until equal numbers of girls and boys are in school, it will be impossible to build the knowledge necessary to eradicate poverty and hunger, combat disease and ensure environmental sustainability. To this we recommend the deliberate formulation of practicable policies to enchance the position of the women in our societies. Such as the government genuinely empower the position and situation of women in our societies like economic opportunities, political empowerment, educational encouragement and health/well-being opportunities.


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eISSN: 1596-9231