Gender and Behaviour

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Gender, tenure and organisational factors as predictors of job involvement among Nigerian workers

GA Akinbode, BO Fagbohungbe


The paper examined gender, tenure and organisational factors as predictors of various aspects of job involvement. A total of 504 workers comprising 285(56.5%) males and 219 (43.5%) females sampled from seven departments of some selected public and private organizations in Lagos and Abuja metropolis participated in the study. Factorial structure of Lodahl and Kejner (1965) 20-item job involvement scale was first examined against Yoshimura (1996) multi-dimensional model of job involvement concept. It was hypothesized that Male and female workers in private sector will report higher job involvement compared to their counterparts in the public sector. Also, motional, cognitive and behavioural involvement will be higher among private sector workers whose tenure was above 5 years, as compared to their public sector counterparts. Results of t-test independent test and MANOVA show that there was a statistically significant different in the emotional, cognitive, behavioural and overall job involvement of male and female workers. Also, job involvement was slightly higher among private sector male workers than their public sector counterpart, particularly for workers who have just spent less than 6 years on the job .Empirical findings further show that Interaction between gender and tenure was significant on behavioural job involvement and overall job involvement. The findings underscore the incidence of preference for females in many work organizations in recent times, as well as the importance of job security. The findings were discussed in the light of current findings in industrial-organisational research.

Keywords: Tenure, Emotional Involvement, Cognitive Involvement, Behavioural Involvement
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