Articulating cultures: socio-cultural experiences of black female immigrant students in South African schools1

  • S Vandeyar
  • T Vandeyar
Keywords: Immigrant students, socio-cultural, migration, xenophobia, schoolscape


Contests of space and place in South African „schoolscapes‟2 are now not so much about „race‟ as it is about nationalism and territoriality. While the politics of belonging unfolds and overtly manifests itself, a more covert, insidious and worrisome issue is that of the erosion of the social and cultural mores of Black3 immigrant students. Utilising social constructivism, case study approach and narrative inquiry, this study sets out to explore the socio-cultural experiences of Black female immigrant students in South African schools. It was found that the socio-cultural context of South African „schoolscapes‟ represented a site of contamination and shame; was marred by conflict and contained elements that worked towards the erosion of cultural and social mores of Black female immigrant students.

Keywords: Immigrant students; socio-cultural; migration; xenophobia; schoolscape


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eISSN: 1596-9231