Validity and reliability of breastfeeding attitude scale in Indonesian population

  • L Handayani
  • AM Kosnin
  • YK Jiar
  • HO Imhonde
Keywords: Breastfeeding, Attitude, Scale, Valid, Reliable


Lower levels of maternal confidence have been found to be associated with perception of insufficient milk supply and risk for premature discontinuation of breastfeeding. Current WHO/UNICEF recommendations for optimal infant feeding are exclusive breastfeeding for approximately the first 6 months postpartum, after which complementary food should be introduced gradually, with the continuation of breastfeeding until 2 years or beyond; but almost every country in the world fails to meet the WHO recommendations for exclusive breastfeeding. Mothers’ attitude toward breastfeeding plays a role in the choice of feeding method. A breastfeeding attitude scale is developed based on Imhonde’s breastfeeding attitude scale. The Breastfeeding attitude scale is a suitable instrument for assessing mothers’ breastfeeding attitude among Indonesian mothers.

Key words: Breastfeeding, Attitude, Scale, Valid, Reliable


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eISSN: 1596-9231